Celebrate Great Books Week, October 7-13, 2012!

There are many ways to celebrate the importance of literature during Great Books Week. We’ve listed a few below to help you get started, but we encourage you to get creative and share the message in as many ways as you can. If you’d like to be a Great Books Catalyst, print copies of the poster and share them with your local libraries, bookstores, schools, writer’s groups, or other organizations.


Blog about Great Books Week or the author or work that we’re celebrating, then leave a link in the comments section of this year’s post so others can enjoy what you’ve written.

Link to the Great Books Week URL:

Copy the Great Books Week poster image and share it on your own site with a link back to Great Books Week.


Rewrite a scene from the GBW book, setting it in a different time and place.

Write a short story in which modern characters time travel to the time and place of the chosen book.

Write a scene in the voice of this year’s author or one of the characters in the book.

Celebrate Great Books Week by visiting an open mic night and sharing your work.


Create your library’s own list of great books by asking patrons to vote on their favorites.

Create a Great Books display by putting out the books tagged with the names of students who chose them.

Host a special storytime with books about books.


Create a special display of great books for all ages, including classics as well as employee choices.

Host a panel of communication experts such as authors, journalists, broadcasters, and others for a discussion of favorite books.


Memorize the books of the Great Book, the Bible.

Have a treasure hunt for all the verses that address words, speech, and conversation. Award a prize to the person who find the most verses.

Schools and Homeschools

Read aloud the classic work we’re celebrating.

Gather a basket of classic books, and spend time each day reading quietly.

Have students write about the author, the book, the characters, or any aspect of this year’s book.

Nursing Homes and other Group Homes

Post a copy of the Great Books Week Poster in a central spot to remind residents of the joy of reading.

Offer residents the opportunity to talk or write about the chosen book, or to share general book-related memories.

Have a book-based event such as a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and serve cookies and tea while listening to someone read aloud from a favorite selection.

Professional Associations and Networking Groups

Schedule a special seminar on communications or public speaking.

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