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Great Books Week 2011 free downloadable poster

It’s almost time for Great Books Week 2011! Here’s the poster for the event–feel free to download and post it on your blog, website, or social media with a link back to The poster is based on an 1859 portrait of Charles Dickens by William Powell Frith.

Great Books Week is held annually during the first full week in October. Be sure to join us and participate in the blog challenge. There will be one question per day, Monday-Friday, and you’re invited to write about them and link back to the GBW blog. Enjoy!

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Books: The scholar only knows how dear these silent, yet eloquent,

companions of pure thoughts and innocent hours

become in the season of adversity.

When all that is worldly turns to dross around us,

these only retain their steady value.

~Washington Irving

Great Books Week 2010

It’s time to celebrate great books!

If you have never said “Excuse me” to a parking meter or bashed your shins on a fireplug, you are probably wasting too much valuable reading time.

-Sherri Chasin Calvo

Great Books Week 2010- sponsored by Excellence in Literature and the National Association of Independent Writers and EditorsThe first full week in October has been designated Great Books Week. Although many people think of the great books as only literary classics such as Shakespeare’s plays or Jane Austen’s novels, great books can also be little-known books that shaped your mind. We plan to devote October 3-9 to celebrating and sharing books that have made a difference.

Be sure to join us for:

  • A Monday-Friday blog challenge with special topics
  • A free downloadable event poster
  • And more!
  • Be sure to visit the How to Participate page to find out how you or your library, classroom, or group can participate in Great Books Week.

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